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Montague DeRose and Associates brings sophisticated financial and analytical tools to our clients. We believe our firm's skills are highly technical and quantitative. Our standard practice is to design custom spreadsheets and analyses to meet our clients' needs rather than relying on 'canned' commercial software.
General Government
Montague DeRose and Associates assists state and local governments in meeting their financing objectives by providing clients with access to the deep experience of our professional staff, as well as the financial and analytical tools needed to successfully evaluate financing alternatives, introduce the issuer's credit to the capital markets and close the financing on a schedule that meets the issuer's objectives.
Montague DeRose and Associates has supported the U.S. Department of Transportation in the credit evaluation and/or document negotiation phases related to sixteen highway and transit-related projects totaling approximately $7 billion. In the course of our work, we routinely recommend creative solutions to resolve difficult negotiations between the federal government and the TIFIA applicant. This experience includes a number of toll road and bridge projects and public-private partnerships.
Montague DeRose and Associates specializes in providing an analytical perspective to complex operating and policy issues. Montague DeRose and Associates leads the development of the annual revenue requirement in support approximately $10.4 billion State of California energy procurement financing including taking a key role communicating to regulatory bodies and the financial community about the variables affecting the financing. Montague DeRose and Associates has assisted public owned and investor owned utilities in cost of service studies and in developing risk management strategies and protocols. Montague DeRose and Associates has assembled a team of professionals who specialize in servicing the financing, operational and business needs of utilities.
Water and Wastewater
Water industry issues vary from state to state, but many themes are consistent. The challenges of procuring sufficient water supply, meeting treatment standards, servicing a growing population and funding capital needs transcend state lines. Montague DeRose and Associates has assembled a team of professionals who specialize in the most relevant industry issues:
Federal Safe Drinking Water Act
Resource Development and Allocation
Infrastructure renewal
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