Montague DeRose and Associates, LLC

Special Services

Investor Relations

Montague DeRose and Associates has the ability to provide guidance with regard to investor relations and marketing strategy as there are multiple members of the firm with credit and investment banking experience who have long-standing relationships with institutional investors. We have been successful in coordinating investor road shows, face-to-face presentations, conference calls, and internet road-shows which provides our clients with important investor feedback, diversifies the investor base, and ultimately lowers the cost of borrowing.

Continuing Disclosure Preparation/Review

We prepare and compile the required disclosure in accordance with Rule 15c2-12 and review annual financial statements. Optionally, we will review issuer-prepared disclosure materials to determine compliance with the Rule. Completed disclosure documentation will be reviewed with the public agency for approval and sign off.

We maintain a computerized task management system to notify our clients of annual disclosure submission deadlines. Our notifications contain a worksheet of checklist items to identify the information that needs to be prepared and any requests for specific data. In addition, we identify the Nationally Recognized Municipal Securities Information Repositories to which the information will be sent.

Public Finance Workshops

As a financial advisor, we can assist clients, council-members and/or board members by conducting on-going public finance related seminars or workshops. Montague DeRose and Associates is pleased to organize presentations on a variety of topics such as negotiated versus competitive sale, prudent use of derivative products, fixed versus variable rate debt, rating agency evaluation of different types of credits and any topics which are of interest to the client's staff or elected officials.