Montague DeRose and Associates, LLC

Professional Staff

Nihaara Sosha, Analyst

Los Angeles Area


Ms. Sosha has been working in California’s municipal finance industry since 2015. With a background in nonprofit work, familiarity with governance processes and a passion for researching and preparing for upcoming public needs, Ms. Sosha enjoys working at the intersection of public projects, future planning, and financial management.

Ms. Sosha’s experience in the advisory sector includes debt management for large and small cities, water and wastewater systems, community facilities districts, assessment districts, and various other agencies. She has worked on the issuance of general obligation bonds, tax allocation bonds, special tax bonds, variable rate bonds, and utility revenue bonds, sold at competitive sale, negotiated sale, and through direct placement. Ms. Sosha has developed expertise in addressing Moody’s and S&P Global credit ratings processes and the elements that result in strong ratings.

Ms. Sosha received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Societal Communications (a combination of rhetorical analysis, linguistics theory and social research) from Point Loma Nazarene University.