Montague DeRose and Associates, LLC

Professional Staff

Shaun Rai, Managing Director

Los Angeles Area

Mr. Rai joined Montague DeRose and Associates in 2008 following over 15 years of experience in public finance investment banking and derivatives.

As Managing Director for Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Mr. Rai worked as Head of Municipal Derivatives Marketing and Head of Credit and Investor Derivatives Marketing. Prior to working at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Mr. Rai was a Vice President at J.P. Morgan & Co., where he worked in public finance investment banking for seven years before becoming Head of Municipal Derivatives for three years. In 1986, Mr. Rai participated in J.P. Morgan & Co.'s Investment Banking Training Program.

Mr. Rai's investment banking experience includes new money, refunding, fixed-rate and variable-rate financings for state, local government, higher education and health-care issuers. He has served as a senior investment banker on major financing programs for, among others, the City of New York; the New York State Medical Care Facilities Finance Agency; Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital (NY); and the University of Texas.

Mr. Rai has extensive derivatives experience structuring, trading and executing taxable and tax-exempt swaps and options, credit default swaps, total return swaps and equity-linked swaps. During his career, Mr. Rai has managed and traded a tax-exempt swap book and assisted in developing various derivative pricing methodologies and models.

At Montague DeRose and Associates, Mr. Rai evaluates and monitors clients' existing derivatives portfolios and works with MDA staff on complex problems relating to derivatives, investment contracts, legal issues and bond structuring, for a variety of clients.

Mr. Rai received a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) from Dartmouth College, graduating Summa Cum Laude.